There is significant increase in international traveling. There are so many motives for visiting a country. People also travel to meet their family and relatives, to explore the world around, for corporate or business meetings or for holidays.

Visitor visa is a short duration visa allowing your entry into a foreign country and staying there temporarily for a period of maximum 6 months. Visitor visa can be of single entry or multiple entry. The period of multiple entry visa varies from country to country. Multiple entry visa allows re-entry easily. At Future Link Consultants we will assist you in proper documentation of applicant and sponsor, booking flight tickets and accommodation, visa process and interview training, in case if there is interview request by the embassy. We have come across many different types of visitor visa applications including business visa and emergency visa application.

We do visitor visa for Canadaand UK. Many of our counselors have travelled to Canada, Australia, USA and UK; hence they know these countries and will be able to guide you accurately.

For Visitor Visa the general policy framework is similar for all the countries except for few differences in documentation and application process. These common guidelines are:

  • Genuine purpose of visit
  • Travel history of the applicant
  • Established homes ties of the applicant social and professional
  • Sponsorship documentation and funds
  • Status of sponsor and relation with sponsor
  • Funds available and financial background of the applicant
  • Proof of accommodation and flight tickets

While maintaining these common guidelines, it is also essential to follow the exact requirements of the respective countries to get the best results.

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