In a single academic year, colleges and universities abroad have various intakes. You can choose from more than one intake each year, when you apply to any of the universities in countries like Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand or the UK and US. For instance, you can always try for the next intake in January instead of waiting for a complete one year if you missed the September in-take.


Typically, there are two types of intakes offered by universities abroad – Fall and Spring. Usually, the Spring intake begins in January and the Fall intake starts sometime in September. A minor intake in the summer may also be available with certain universities, in the month of April. Some institutions refer to intakes as semesters and may even vary based on the programmes that you wish to enrol into.

Confirm the available intake with experts at IEC Abroad regarding the deadlines for September intake or the deadline for May intake.

Choosing your intake

Before selecting your intake, verify the completion of your entrance test scores, academic records, course readiness, and the availability of your preferred programme. You may also want to check for likely job opportunities and internships. IEC Abroad’s consultants recommend that you start prepar-ing for your application 10 to 12 months before the date of commencement of the programme. Ensure that you have the scores by April for the fall semester and begin no later than August for the Spring.

Step – by – step guide for student intakes

It is extremely important for students to understand the application process for overseas universities and colleges. Since the procedure can vary markedly depending upon the country and the course, and even be rather confusing.

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