About the USA

The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States, is a highly developed country, popularly known for study abroad destination amongst students in India. The country has the majority of the world’s top universities listed by different ranking organizations in the US. Student Visa for the USA termed as an F1 or M1 VISA, which is a Non-Immigrant Visa Category. Addressing about FI student visa, it grants for 5 years, and the length of the stay depends on the opted study degree mentioned on the I20. Category.

Why Study in the USA?

Well-known as the “Land of Opportunity” and one of the most massive techno commercially updated, most of the students worldwide prefer the USA for their further studies. Over a period, the USA has emerged as a leading country known for its quality education, offering various options to choose as per your academic and cultural preferences. Around 13 to 15 colleges/universities in the USA ranked among the Top 20 in the world.:

Visa Process

Applying for the USA, having I-20 is more than a half process done. However, to get the other one, the fourth is a bit tricky. Student visa application forms filled online and appointment for the submission of the application is much needed, where they have to carry an original set of documents at the time of submission.

The critical part of the entire visa process for the USA is the interview, which is one of the essential parts of the application. Having years of experience on how to handle the conversation, represent visa application through documents and Statement of purpose, we train you to face all these difficult challenges that come in the way of your career. Through this training, students can rely on the safe and secure representation of the application at the High Commission of the USA, reducing any chances for refusals. The USA student visa is widely known as F1.

Admission Process and Requirements

The country is vast, and so is the list of higher educational institutions. Here each individual can find the right option for course, institute and university. However, few top-ranking universities have an exceptionally high standard of entry requirements. In contrast, some have basic needs that include a good CGPA/GPA score, English proficiency and in some cases GMAT, GRE or SAT.:

    Admission Criteria

  • Students need to have good academic records. Higher Secondary / Bachelors mark sheet with above 50%
  • Minimum 12 years of post-secondary education is required for entry into an Associate or Bachelors Program
  • 3 years Bachelor’s Degree is also accepted. Student with such background need to get a WES/ECE evaluation

    Quantitative Exams

  • SAT / ACT scores may be required for Undergraduate Programs
  • GRE / GMAT scores are required for certain Graduate Programs

    English Proficiency Requirements

  • (Undergraduate): IELTS Minimum 6 bands / TOEFL 80 / PTE 55
  • (Graduate): IELTS Minimum 6.5-7 bands / TOEFL 100 / PTE 70

    Work Experience is mandatory only for some Graduate / Management programs