IELTS – The Global English ‘Gold Standard’

As part of the exciting diversification of the Shreeji education and training portfolio, we are offering a quality IELTS Preparation course to assist a range of our clients

IELTS is unquestionably the ‘gold standard’ of English admission attainment for most tertiary institutions in the English speaking world. While other tests like TOEFL and Pearson may be accepted, IELTS is the ever present ‘market leader’ yardstick of measurement.

More than 10,000 organisations worldwide accept IELTS including Governments, Universities and employment institutions. It helps people to study, migrate and work around the world.

Other USPs include –

  • Being administered by British Council affords it further cache
  • Results are available 13 calendar days after the test is taken
  • 3 million tests in the last year
  • Biometric security protects & ensures test integrity

The Shreeji IELTS Preparation Course


As the name of the course implies it is designed to prepare students for the IELTS tests administered by British Council. Accordingly, it will have a particular focus upon examination preparation and exam technique.

Classes will cover the four constituent elements of the IELTS test –

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

Admission Requirements

Placement Test

All applicants will be required to take a placement test in order to assess their current level of English attainment, their aspirational level and then decide whether they need to join the eight weeks or the four weeks course.

Eight Week & Four Week Courses

Students who have completed Level 6 immersion or who are below IELTS standard 5.0 or below intermediate level will be placed in the eight weeks course.

Students who are at 5.0/5.5 but need IELTS 6.0/6.5 will be assigned to the shorter four week course.


The course deliverables will include –

  • Focused lectures
  • Relevant examination technique skills sessions
  • Bespoke teaching and learning materials from Cambridge International Education Centre UK
  • Weekly mini tests in all four skills areas
  • Mock IELTS Tests

Target Audience

The Target Audience for the Shreeji Training IELTS Preparation classes will include –

  • Our own students admitted by way of conditional offers
  • International students of other institutions admitted by way of conditional offers
  • Indian students aspiring to join top US, UK, Australian & Canadian Universities
  • Non-native English speakers who want to improve their English for career advancement, migration or to gain admission to a distance learning degree programme delivered in English
  • Pupils at high end Baroda international schools

Strategic Partner

Our strategic partner in relation to the IELTS Preparation Courses is

Cambridge International Education Centre Ltd (CIEC). They comprise a substantial group of very distinguished academic and professional practitioners with both national and international experience covering a wide range of subject areas and who have come together to create a unique international network offering relevant and bespoke courses and qualifications across the globe.

CIEC specialises in Business, Management, Information Technology, Law and English Language education. Members of CIEC have extensive experience in senior management and leadership roles in tertiary education both in the UK and internationally, consultancy and research with bodies such as the OECD and major multinational companies, and in course validation, quality assurance, external examining and developing learning materials for UK and international universities.

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