About Us

About US

Shreeji Training, the well-established and respected Indian owned UK training group has diversified into international student recruitment representing a number of international Universities and being able to place you in a range of courses from Pre-Degree Foundation to Bachelors to Masters.

Global Pathways to High Earning Global Careers

We live in a highly competitive global marketplace. Students have more courses and more Universities to choose from than ever before but there are also more graduates than ever before seeking the best positions across a myriad of careers.

Today’s student needs to choose the right course at the right University in the right country to ensure they can optimise their chances of having a successful and rewarding career.

With Shreeji we will help you to make the right choice for you


Why Shreeji?

We offer a personal and complete package tailored to the needs of our students

Hallmarks of the Shreeji International Student Admission Package

  • Assess your academic qualifications and aspirations
  • Make sure you have the necessary English language requirements
  • Informed guidance as to which international study destination to choose
  • Support you in completing your University application – making sure all the documentation you need is ready and checked
  • Help you to prepare for any University/course interview whether conducted in person or remotely
  • Informed advice as to the financial costs of studying abroad other than tuition fees – accommodation, subsistence, flight costs etc.
  • Guide and assist with the relevant immigration rules and visa application
  • Inform you as to the post-graduation work rights position in your study destination
  • Pre-Departure Briefing to deal with last minute matters/queries
  • Support throughout your study journey through the appointment of a Shreeji Personal Student Mentor


Top International Student Destinations with Shreeji

With Shreeji you can achieve your higher education/University study goals in the following top-ranked international study destinations:

India Office

Our India office is located at FF- 13-14, Dwarkesh Complex, OPP. HCG Cancer Hospital, Sun Pharma Road, Vadodara. Vadodara is located on the banks of river Vishwamitri. It’s a cultural capital of Gujarat and it has renown universities.

Ten Hallmarks of the Shreeji International Student Admission Package

The core areas of expertise of Shreeji Training include the following:

  • Programme Design
  • Creation of bespoke teaching & learning materials
  • English Language provision across a myriad of professional sectors
  • Foundation Courses
  • Pre-Masters
  • Masters & Doctoral Supervision
  • Assessing eligibility for abroad admissions/visas/immigration
  • Exploring alternative visa options
  • Notifying the students as to the most updated regulations
  • Offering optional strategies
  • Providing proper guidance to gather all necessary documents
  • Preparing and applying applications to the proper authorities
  • Working with the proper immigration authorities in the country of destination
  • Provides one-stop solutions under one roof
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