About UAE

Skirting the edge of the Arabian Peninsula, UAE is a growing, vibrant, and inspiring nation, known for its incredible diversity, warm hospitality, political stability, economic vitality, safety, and religious tolerance. The Country allows you to study abroad where the faces of the population still reflect the ancient trade routes running east. The United Arab Emirates is a real melting pot of cultures, and our program enables you to explore the concept of “local” in a UAE context as you live alongside Emirati and the other nationalities who call the country home.

Why Study in UAE?

The United Arab Emirates or UAE, is a relatively new destination undergoing constant and extreme transformation. Opting UAE to perceive your further study will teach you a lot about the Emirati culture and will experience a range of study abroad opportunities, from large public universities to smaller private colleges. Most of these education institutions are accredited by the UAE’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) and accrediting agencies in another country. As a result, students can continue with their major studies in resolution at a high-quality university, while enduring all benefits and adventure that study abroad in the UAE has to offer.:

Visa Process

UAE is a land of opportunities for study abroad students and a delight for curious travelers. The country is one of the hottest destinations in the Middle East is now opening up new vistas of growth in Professional Education to the contenders all over the world.

We enumerate below the various documents that are required for the visa

Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity is a must, and it must contain two blank visa pages one for endorsing the permit and the other for entry stamps.

  • Required number of photographs
  • 2 passport copies
  • An offer letter that shows the acceptance of candidates to a UAE tertiary institute
  • Bank statements which act as substantiation of funds in the UAE
  • In case a candidate has opted for university accommodation, he/she may be required to produce a letter from the university or a tenancy agreement
  • Copy of tuition fee receipt for the current study year of the program
  • Those opting for the post-graduate program will be required to get their undergraduate degree attested
  • Copy of visa fees receipt for the present study year of the program
  • Candidates are also usually required to go through a medical test at a certified UAE medical center. The test generally includes a medical examination and chest X-ray for HIV (AIDS), Hepatitis B & C, Tuberculosis (TB), Leprosy, and Syphilis.

    However, it is vital to know that before applying for a visa, ensure your purpose of visit, and finish your visa application form and affix your photograph.

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